2017 Aston Martin DB11: Road Test & In Depth Review

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Today, we’ll be taking an in depth look at the all-new Aston Martin DB11!


Start up: 0:37
Walkaround/general overview/styling: 1:36
Wheels/chassis details/steering/drive modes: 5:57
Powertrain/performance/transmission/fuel economy: 9:05
Cold start: 11:48
Sound clips: 13:11
Interior/features overview/rear seat: 15:29
Trunk space: 20:46

Special thanks to Foreign Cars Italia of Greensboro, NC for providing the car featured in today’s video! For more information about the dealership, including contact info and current inventory, check out their website below:

Options list:

Base price for the DB11 Launch Edition: $230,345

Color keyed to interior carpet: $450.00
Brogue detailing: $2,270.00
Brake calipers – black: $1,595.00
Contrast stitching: $570.00
Leather color – contemporary: $1,828.00
Carpet color – contemporary: $1,595.00
Garage door opener: $450.00
Headlining – match to seat inner: $2,270.00
Celestial perforation: $750.00
Seat belts – mocha: $570.00
Nexus quilting: $2,270.00
Dark chrome jewelry pack: $1,595.00
S/Wheel – C/keyed – dark chrome bezel: $750.00
Trim inlay – satin tan lace wood: $500.00
10 spoke direction gloss black wheels: $920.00

Grand total, with a $3,086 destination charge, is $251,814

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