The downside to track days is that they’re made for the public, and the public is both smart and dumb, skilled and novice at the same time. When that racetrack is as popular and as large as the Nürburgring, it becomes hard to regulate the skill levels of the drivers that races in “The Green Hell”. You can have skilled drivers that have dedicated time and money to hone their craft and also dumb idiots who managed to roll in extremely powerful cars.

In the video below, we see a Lotus Exige driver who is obviously dedicated to the art of motorsport. He’s got his track focused Exige equipped with lap timers and overlaid his video with telemetry data, just so he can study where he can make improvements for the next time. He attacked corners with relatively good precision and kept his head on a swivel to attack the next corner.

In contrast to that, at the 1:39 mark, we see a complete asshat driving a powerful Nissan GTR. Not only did they recklessly pass without a proper point by, but they did it in an improper section, cutting off the Exige driver’s line. A maneuver like that would be ok if this were a proper competitive wheel-to-wheel race, but this was not the time nor the place.

Further proof that the GTR driver was a complete noob driver, they managed to take every corner incorrectly and aggressively up until the 3:50 mark. The GTR’s incredible all-wheel drive and whizzbang electronic systems weren’t able to save the GTR driver from their own limitless idiocy.

Jump to the 1:00 mark to see the action.