HOW FAST & FURIOUS IS IT?!! ( Dyno + Best trafficpolice reaction ever)

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We went to Sky Engineering in the Netherlands, and drove the car on the dyno. The car pushed out 463 hp and runs perfect now! later that day we took the car to Amsterdam and terrorized the city, see the funny reaction the traffic officer had when he pulled us over. As we said in the video this footage was not made to come online so excuse us for the video/audio quality at some points. Enjoy!! And subscribe for more

0:00 ( Yellow Claw – DJ Turn It Up )
2:05 ( Nate Dogg – Keep It Coming )
04:45 ( 2pac – Picture Me Rolling remake)
11:37 ( Snoop Dogg – Nuthing But A G Thang)
12:48 ( Charlie Puth Wiz kwalife – See You Again)
13:22 ( Charlie Puth Wiz kwalife – See You Again)
credit ; SwissVidz